Dale & Marlene Baldree

August 2001

Congratulations, Marlene, for acing your Certified Public Account exam!

Dale and Marlene just bought a home in Douglas, Georgia, and Marlene now has a successful financial planning practice.

Dale keeps the lights on—and anything else that requires electricity—at Amoco Mills in Nashville. Leslie, pictured on the next page, graduated from Ware County High School and is about to have a baby in two to three weeks. Dale’s family has a cute little doggy named Buffy.

Ann, the senior of Julian and Louise’s two daughters, is an executive sales manager for a large manufacturing facility and just built a new home in Nashville, Georgia.

Martha is the last gorgeous brunette hatched by Julian and Louise. Martha’s elder son Curry is living and working in Nashville and dating Brianna. Martha’s younger son Chase just left Georgia State University to return to Nashville. Chase is a film major who hopes to continue his education out of Georgia.

Dale, Leslie, Louise, & Marlene

January 2002

This photo was taken on January 20, the night of Leslie’s twenty-first birthday party. From left to right are Dale, Leslie, Louise, and Marlene.

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