Donald & Pevie's Caricature

Donald and Geneva are ages fifty-seven and fifty-five, respectively. Donald is vice president of R.L. Matus & Associates, and Geneva takes care of hearth and home. They are members of the First Baptist Church of Buford, Georgia and are originally from the small southern Georgia towns of Nashville and Lakeland.

Geneva is better known as Pevie (pronounced “peevee”) to her friends. Pevie is a nickname that her sister Emma Jean hung on her when Pevie was a kid.

Donald (aka The Dude) enjoys cruising the curvy, picturesque roads of the North Georgia mountains and the Blue Ridge Parkway aboard his ’87 Super Glide. Since I met The Dude back in ’87, he’s been restoring his ’69 convertible Camaro (a “Road Hugger,” I think it’s called). The restoration is complete. His car looks like a car it's been on the showroom floor since ’69. You’d be hard pressed to find a harder-working “injun” who takes better care of his squaw than The Dude. Email Donald or catch Donald and Pevie on their Web site.

Donald & Geneva Baldree

The Dude

The picture above was taken on a vacation to Reno, Nevada. When you sell as much as The Dude, you can take free trips all over the world, too.

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