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Helen Braswell, Jaddie’s Daddy’s sister (57K)
Vanus, Helen’s husband (69K)
Amy Sherwood, Helen’s sister (57K)
Don, Amy’s husband (72K)
Theodore, Amy & Don’s friend (30K)
Ralph, Helen’s brother (55K)
Linda Pass, Ralph’s daughter (43K)
Amy & Gail
Gail Dodd & daughter Amy. Gail was married to the late Douglas Dodd, Helen’s brother. (52K)
Nell Maddox, Helen’s daughter (60K)
Carey Maddox, Nell’s husband (51K)
Janice Maddox, Helen’s daughter (59K)
Ted, Janice’s husband (40K)
Janice & Grandchildren
Janice & her two grandchildren, Allen Michael (left) and Tyler (65K)
Josh & Janice
Janice and son Josh (50K)
Shirley & Michael
Shirley, Helen’s daughter, with son Michael (70K)
Jimmy, Helen’s son (37K)
Matt, Matt's Girlfriend, Jody, and Jody's Wife
From left to right: Matt’s girlfriend, Matt (Nell’s son), Jody (Helen’s son), Jody’s wife (86K)
Kim, Nell’s daughter (45K)
April, Nell’s daughter, with new baby (36K)
Charles, April’s husband (56K)
Kevin & Charlene
Charlene, Shirley’s daughter with fiancé Kevin Smith (61K)
Terry & Family
Terri, Janice’s daughter. Pictured with children Allen Michael (on left) and Tyler (behind). (83K)
April's Son
Aaron, April’s son (59K)
April's Son With Santa Claus
April’s son gets to tell Santa what he wants for Christmas. (66K)
April's Daughter
Jessica, April’s daughter (56K)
Princess, owner of Helen and Vanus (26K)

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