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I heartily recommend the following shareware and freeware.

Acrobat Reader

Essential for reading PDFs (Portable Document Format documents). Compliments of Adobe Systems.

BBEdit Lite

Potent text editor with powerful search and replace functionality. Compliments of Bare Bones Software.

Calculate Size

Make a Finder selection comprised of files and folders and let Calculate Size see how much they weigh. Calculate Size is a contextual menu module. Compliments of Hide Itoh.


Indispensable system utility giving your Mac an infinite number of clipboards. Shareware, US$20. Now available for OS X.

Default Folder

Navigate using Open & Save dialog boxes the quick and easy way. Shareware, US$25.


What’s on the CD you burned last summer? DiskTracker will show you. Shareware, US$30.


The ultimate launching utility. DragThing is essential software. Shareware, US$25.


Put your contextual menus to work one-handedly with this essential utility. Pintware, US$8.

FM Egg Timer

Put a timer in your Control Strip so you won’t let that soda explode again. Compliments of LizardBreath Software.


Full-featured FTP (file transfer protocol) client and Internet utility.


A real Swiss Army Knife of a contextual menu plug-in. Manage file types, creator codes, create thumbnail icons, change creation and modification dates, and zap resource forks with this ultra-nifty utility. Worth much more than its unreasonably low asking price. Shareware, US$10.

StuffIt Expander

If you’re using a Mac there’s a 99.9-percent chance that you already have this, but make sure you have the latest version. Compliments of Aladdin Systems.

Top Calculette

Want a calculator that has its own tape so that you can see your arithmetic path? Try this shareware gem. US$12.

Window Monkey

Access recently used folders, manage open windows, and toy with with custom window background patterns if you’re into that sort of thing. After using Window Monkey for a month, I declared it essential software. Shareware, US$20.

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