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Jaddie's Top 25 Hyperlinks for the Macintosh Enthusiast


The first place to go for breaking news in the Macosphere.


Serves as a valuable reference site for finding software and snagging the latest updates for your system. Comprehensive and extremely useful.


Your daily springboard for all the latest Mac and tech news, tips, tricks, and gossip.


Another good source for Mac news.


The premier Web site for Mac troubleshooting information. Has a good search engine and a deep archive of good information.


The site itself won’t tell you a whole lot, but MacJournals is where you need to go to subscribe to your choice of a monthly, weekly, or daily journal filled with the most reliable, comprehensive, and well-written news for the serious Macintosh user. Sign up for a free trial subscription.


A good source for Mac news. MacInTouch occasionally breaks with a hot story before the other sites.


A sister site of MacSurfer, this site features linked headlines for all the latest news in the information technology industry.


A very good general Macintosh site.

Macintosh Resource Page

Another top-notch Macintosh news and information site.


The best Macintosh rumor site. Rumors hurt Apple, so rumors are bad. And too much ice cream is bad, as well, but I can’t get enough ice cream or Apple rumors! Probably AppleInsider’s most valuable resource is its forums.

Macworld UK

Offers news, interviews, occasional in-depth coverage, and rumors.

Ars Technica

Offers very detailed and highly technical articles on current topics of interest to personal computing enthusiasts.


Find good deals on stuff for your Mac.

Apple’s AppleCare Knowledge Base

Features a good search engine and a lot of pertinent information. In combination with MacFixit, you should be able to uncover any problem that may ail your Mac.

Apple’s Site for Mac OS X

Find out what the new face of Macintosh is going to look like by visiting Apple’s site for OS X. Apple offers QuickTime movies for your edutainment.

Accelerate Your Mac

A really good site for Mac speed freaks. Offers many comparison tests and benchmarks.


Another good site for people who are interested in high-performance personal computing.

MacOS Monthly

Formerly AppleWizards, MacOS Monthly is a good source for Apple-related news, information, reviews, and opinion.

My Mac Magazine

Offers a downloadable, offline journal of Mac news and reviews.


One of a pair of top-notch sites for Mac gamers whose focus is downloadable files.


A top-notch site for Mac gamers.

The Iconfactory

Personalize your Mac with custom icons and download trial software for designing your own custom icons. When it comes to icons, the pixel pushers at The Iconfactory can show you the money!

It's a well-known fact that the vast majority of the industrialized world's most creative people choose Mac. Visit to unleash some of your own creative power.

Creative Mac

An interesting and inspiring resource for Macintosh creatives.

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