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November 30, 2004

Today Apple’s new iMac G5 was named Computer of the Year by The Washington Times.

After setting up three myself, I couldn’t agree more. The iMac G5 is powerful, well-designed, and just plain beautiful.

October 31, 2004

I apologize for the lack of updates here, but I’ve been up to my ears in photos.

September 24, 2004

I’m teaching a free three-hour Photoshop Elements class for the Atlanta Macintosh Users Group tomorrow at the Art Institute of Atlanta at 100 Embassy Row at 6600 Peachtree Dunwoody Road (just north of Abernathy Road). The class begins at 10:15 am and will be in Room 506. Here’s the course description:

Learn the complete fundamentals of image editing with Adobe Photoshop Elements. Your instructor is veteran AMUG member and Photoshop instructor Jaddie Dodd. Save yourself a year or longer of struggling through manuals by letting Jaddie teach you exactly how to edit your images for print as well as for email and the Web. You’ll learn how to get rid of red-eye, brush away blemishes, whiten teeth and eyes, tone down wrinkles, and much more. Class notes will be provided for you, and you’re welcome to bring your own iBook or PowerBook to practice what you learn.

Here’s the handout (PDF).

March 24, 2004

Happy third birthday, Mac OS X! Ars Technica offers a look at the development of the world's best operating system.

March 13, 2004

Macromedia finally released an update (22.7MB) for Dreamweaver MX 2004. I’ve had only a couple of hours with the update, and so far, so good. The problems with the initial “dot oh!” release were general sluggishness, crashing, and a slew of other bugs.

January 24, 2004

Happy birthday, Macintosh! Today is the Mac’s twentieth birthday. For twenty years Apple’s beloved Macintosh has dominated the personal computer industry in terms of innovation, ease of use, industrial design, and longevity. The Mac may not have won in terms of market share, and Macs may be more expensive than their PC cousins, but for the many who choose to fly Air Macintosh, no other personal computer can get off the ground.

Macs continue to lead the way in industrial design. The original iMac sparked a flood of translucent, jellybean-looking gadgets from flashlights to household irons to George Foreman grills. Apple’s new flat-panel iMacs dominate as the swankiest desktop personal computers a person may own. Similarly, the iPod has served as the rudder for the personal audio player market. Apple innovates, people notice, and other manufacturers scramble to catch up. Apple is the research and development department for every market in which it participates.

The Mac has served as Apple’s vehicle for delivering easy-to-use, sophisticated technologies to the masses. At first it was the marriage of the Mac, Aldus PageMaker, and the Apple LaserWriter that ignited the desktop publishing revolution. Later Apple introduced wireless networking with the first-generation iBooks, and it took Dell and others at least six months to pick up the scent. Now, programs such as iMovie, iDVD, and GarageBand push the power to create and publish video and music into the hands of millions.

Apple’s iTunes software, also available for Windows, is another technology that’s enjoyed by millions of music lovers. iTunes is the browser for yet another Apple-designed, world-dominating technology product, the iTunes Music Store. Time Magazine voted the iTunes Music Store as 2003’s Invention of the Year.

Indeed, the original Macintosh not only became the flagship product of Apple Computer on this day in 1984, but it’s the very flagship of contemporary personal computing.

It’s no wonder that no other personal computer is as recognizable by name or design as the Apple Macintosh. I look forward to seeing what new innovations Apple brings in the years ahead.

For more on the Mac’s twentieth birthday, check out

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Everything is easier on a Mac. See for yourself.